Yan natural woman interpretation of modern personality women's personality

" Yan Ran " brand heritage of Chinese classical style, Yan Ran apparel using the application of modern technology, combining fashion elements, Yan Ran ladies romance modern personality ladies.


"Yan natural" tone stems from life, the development of environmentally friendly fabrics, pay attention to comfort, natural, beautiful, self-personality, product structure to a single product is reasonable, strong wear, mutual enrichment. Elegant color, with embellishment, the perfect embodiment of women dignified, elegant, noble, gorgeous and build a good life a good image of our humble attitude, continuous improvement, advanced sales and service operating system, dedication to service, so that "Yan Ran" brand image in the field of apparel steadily, we are based on the Chinese brand clothing to create the first image of the brand.

嫣之然女装 演绎现代特色个性女装

The design philosophy of "YANTIAN" brand adopts the combination of national culture, traditional national craftsmanship and modern fashion style. By using modern high-tech techniques, it reflects the elegance and elegance of oriental women and shows the inner charm of women and beauty Lively embodiment of life.

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