What winter wear sweater temperament is also warm

In a dozen or so temperature, wearing a shirt too thin, too thick coat, or the most appropriate sweater. Knitwear thin and warm texture. No matter how old the MM can choose for their own. Knit also generous ride. Inside the skirt shirt are stylish.


This green sweater, bright colors, simple style, fresh air, wearing a body full of spring season feeling, fresh and generous temperament at one fell in love with Oh. In this season, you can choose a camel or gray long scarf to catch the sweater. Take the white T-shirt to take the jeans, simple and capable, like it on the collection.

初冬穿什么 针织衫气质还保暖

Mysterious black knit has always been the influx of people's love. This knit shirt pretty burst eye ah. I know you can not HOLD. Its color and texture are light and soft, slightly lustrous, leaving the skin white and snowy. Strong sense of waist lines, symmetrical pockets around 11 and warm. Take a gray leggings below, sexy woman Fan.

Tpr Sole is the same kind of sole made of the same raw material. It's called TPR, but its name is different

TPR sole is a kind of polymer material which is blended and modified by thermoplastic elastomer SBS and other functional aids. It is processed by extrusion, injection molding and molding, and then formed. It has the advantages of antiskid, low temperature resistance, strong bending, good air permeability, small density and strong bonding strength

Tpr Sole

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