What is tourmaline, how to choose tourmaline


Tourmaline, also known as tourmaline, sees the earliest use of tourmaline from its name for scientific research. Although the history of tourmaline used for jewelry decoration is not long, it has become a favorite of the major jewelers, and it also has an excellent consumer market in China.

The biggest feature of tourmaline is that it has many colors. It is said that it can reach 15 kinds. The main colors are colorless, rose red, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black. However, under the GIA (Gemological Institute of American) classification, tourmalines can be divided into: red tourmaline, green tourmaline, azure tourmaline, black tourmaline, purple tourmaline, colorless tourmaline, two-color tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, cat eye blue, sodium magnesium tourmaline Fourteen species, such as Alexander's color-changing tourmaline, calcium-lithium tourmaline, chrome tourmaline and Paraiba tourmaline.

Among the many types of tourmalines, bright red, purple, green and pure blue are the best. The higher the transparency, the more favorable the color is, and the price of the whole piece of tourmaline will increase. Speaking of the type of tourmaline, we have to mention the watermelon tourmaline, which is characterized by a red and green color inside a spar, which resembles the color of watermelon. Because it is more precious, the price is higher.

Tourmaline belongs to a high-grade gemstone. The domestic jewelry market is basically based on carats. As far as the current situation is concerned, its price is second only to diamonds, red treasures, sapphire, emeralds, and the development momentum is remarkable. If you go to the market to buy tourmaline, you need to pay attention to the difference between it and the color semi-precious stones such as crystal. If possible, make an identification certificate to ensure the buyer's rights. As a high-grade gemstone, I suggest that you should be careful when wearing the tourmaline, try not to bump it.

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