What is the difference between the Soviet drill and the South African drill?

Here are some differences between the Soviet Diamond and the South African Diamond introduced by Xiaobian. If you don’t know much about diamonds, you will definitely recognize that there are any differences between Soviet diamonds and South African diamonds. Is this really true? What is the difference.

In fact, the Soviet Union and South African diamonds are not named for the place of origin. The so-called Soviet diamond is a synthetic diamond synthesized by cubic zirconia (CZ). The South African diamond is a representative of natural diamonds. It is a common name for diamonds in the country because it is produced in South Africa. Named after the world famous high quality diamonds. So the difference between the Soviet diamond and the South African diamond is mainly reflected in the difference between artificial diamonds and natural diamonds. There are also some similar well-known place names diamonds.

1, Bangkok diamond English name Bangkok Diamond is Matara diamond, but Americans often call "Bangkok Diamond".

2, Swiss drill cubic zirconia, ibid. There is also an artificial crystal (glass) coating, also known as Swiss diamond.

3, the United States drilled silicon carbide, artificial gemstones, there are also a small amount of natural.

Note: Jewelry with the name of the place name does not have a place of origin, and the name of the artificial gem should be preceded by the word "artificial". Therefore, when buying diamonds, you must have certain knowledge of diamonds. At the same time, you should purchase them at regular merchants and ask the merchants to issue diamond identification certificates to ensure the quality of diamonds.

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