What are the young ladies brand Apodemus will have no limit

Young, there should be no limit, no sense of match, red and green colors, uninhibited personality publicity, the release of youthful colors, Magi Mouse ( Akimu mouse ) fashion women , for the vibrant sunshine of women to create a lively and lovely, distinctive girl image . Make young and trendy women feel young, energetic and cute.


The youth is always the presence of the cowboy, its eclectic colors always bring out the wearer casual casual temperament, cute Mickey full of fun, with black shorts and colorful leopard half tube socks bloom tide attitude. Fluorescent Green T-shirt on the right with blue shorts denim shorts, unique sense of fashion, trivial Flamboyance, let you enjoy the fun of youth.

年轻女装品牌有哪些  美姬鼠年轻就要无极限

In the spring and summer season, ultimately, a relaxed and comfortable short-sleeved T-shirt, fun cartoon pattern and personality colorful printing embellishment, with geometric elements printed dress, fuzzy sense of European root yarn skirt brings a little mystery, fluorescent green collar Easy to reduce age. The geometric print dress on the right is undoubtedly the first choice for sweet girls friends.


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