Warmly congratulate Ye Liya Changsha Xingsha shop opened

May 16 is a special good day, Yali Ya Xingsha shop in Changsha welcomes the opening. In Hunan, Zhejiang, Zhejiang apparel companies all the staff congratulated Ye Liya Changsha Xingsha shop opened, the business is booming, extra cash! Li Ye Changsha, Changsha Xingsha Li Jie used to be an employee working at BlueScope, because working in the factory is very tired, and can not earn any money, time is not free, she has been working during the opening of a clothing store ... Li sister is a dare to say dare to do, family members also support Li sister to do their own business, so last October in Xingsha Quan Tang turned a pavement, was doing bulk, Li sister did not do Over clothing, clothing for this completely do not understand, but also found that bulk operating costs are high, low profits, especially for those she did not do clothing, purchase is a big problem, you need to find their own sources. In order to solve this series of problems, Li sister has been looking for a good supply and professional guidance to join the company to join the clothing, a chance to contact Ye Liya famous discount clothing chain, through the introduction of business people and field visits found that famous Discount apparel not only good quality, style and more, and high profits, adequate supply of goods is stable, so that not only to solve the problem of supply, but also store decoration and other aspects of the company are able to provide a reasonable solution. May 16 the same day is the day when Li Jie Yali Ya Sha Sang Tong new store opened, but also her a good day to move into a new home, can be described as double happiness, Wang Wang Wang Cai Yan open!

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