US poetry Ti women's clothing brand to teach you what kind of dress look good

Skirts, the most beautiful woman in the closet fashion, or sensual, or classic, or charming, or elegant, or sexy, or pure ... Smart character and silhouette of grace, gives women a rare charm. Some dresses appear, it has been people never forget. One of the most fascinating summer reasons is not to wear a gorgeous chic skirt. US poetry Ti women's summer brand new dress, make you a brilliant summer.

美诗缇 - MIXTIE

Extremely black and white, regular but full of rhythmic black and white color, both emphasize the quiet atmosphere of black and white tones, but also gives the full black and white tone emotions. Profile pure, simple, so that women have a elegant and thoughtful wisdom.


Lace dress, lace skirt is not only reveal a touch of sexy charm, more importantly, lace dress is both elegant and yet stylish, elegant drag skirt fold as the pace of action. This one wearing the most questions of the words of flowers: elegant and moving.


Vivid eye-catching lemon yellow and pleated organ folds, giving the skirt Smart, three-dimensional dual charm, legs, shoulders and waist lines have been the best performance, with pearl necklace, showing the charm of the celebrity with moving details.

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