Top watch fairs set up special potato day, Xiaohongshu becomes a window for dialogue between fashion industry and young people

On September 13th, Xiaohongshu REDay Special Potato Day landed at the first "Watches & Wonders" Shanghai Haute Horlogerie Exhibition. 8 Xiaohongshu bloggers were invited to check in on site, showing that the fashion industry is going to Xiaohongshu As a platform for dialogue with young people.

It is understood that the "Watches and Miracles" Haute Horlogerie Exhibition is an annual event in the global haute watchmaking industry, hosted by the Swiss Haute Horlogerie Foundation. This is the first time the exhibition has been held in Shanghai, and it is also the first world high-end watch exhibition undertaken by Mainland China. Eleven high-end watch brands including Lange, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Vacheron Constantin will participate in the exhibition. The exhibition adopts an invitation system and only invited audiences can participate.


Xiaohongshu has become the partner of this high-level exhibition and the only online media. Xiaohongshu bloggers such as Chen Baiyang and Chen Yihui were invited to watch the exhibition and check in. At the exhibition site, the Xiaohongshu bloggers listened carefully to the introduction of the watch and the brand, and experienced the disassembly and assembly of the watch's mechanical movement. We deeply feel that this trip is worthwhile.

At the same time, fashionistas Anny Fan and Yvonne Ching Cheng Xiaoh, who are the bloggers of Xiaohongshu, were invited as invited guests, and Ben Shen, the general manager of the digital media department of Hantang Culture and the host of "Sensual Dog Horse", participated in 9 On the afternoon of the 13th, the topic of "Luxury Industry in Transforming the World" was discussed, discussing topics such as how brands interact with the younger generation, and how young entrepreneurs and consumers change their attitudes.


This shows that the influence of Xiaohongshu as a content platform in the fashion industry is gradually increasing. Statistics show that as of August this year, more than 40,000 brands have settled in Xiaohongshu, and the number of fashion apparel brands in Xiaohongshu has increased by more than 10 times in the past year. After the full resumption of production in various places in April this year, fashion has become the category with the highest rate of label mentions.

Not only that, currently the number of active monthly users of Xiaohongshu exceeds 100 million, of which 50% live in first- and second-tier cities, and 70% of users are born in the 1990s. The 30 million KOCs on the platform have shared more than 300 million notes on Xiaohongshu. The content of Xiaohongshu is exposed 8 billion times every day. Xiaohongshu has become the entrance to young people's lifestyle and consumption decisions, and has considerable influence among young users. It is for these reasons that Xiaohongshu has become a window for dialogue between fashion industries such as high-end watches and young people.

Prior to this, Xiaohongshu has co-organized REDay Xiaohongshu Special Potato Day with IKEA China, SAIC and others. By inviting bloggers to check in on site, and sharing recommendations on the Xiaohongshu site, it promotes young people to come closer to these brands.

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