This Christmas, with a "halo" to see her

Snow-capped, candlelight Yingying, known for its romantic Christmas is coming, this day can not be casual wear men, will be carefully dressed, with a "halo" to see her beauties worthy of such a romantic Holiday, Mr.G interpretation of the color of Christmas, giving men a different goddess aura, with the most perfect gesture to enjoy the most romantic night. Gentleman aura for such a formal occasion, of course, come up with the corresponding sense of formality. West will be a good choice, but do not copy the usual black and white work wear regular three-piece set, or the romantic atmosphere will be greatly reduced. Suit coat can still choose the conventional version of the style, but the color, it is recommended bias restrained gray, elegant, indifferent and self-cultivation, wild, regardless of the ride is a regular white shirt or a color printing shirt, Composition of the new three-piece combination of modern make their own qualities and literary infinite zoom, gentleman's elegant temperament deduced most vividly, let her feel the profound charm of the British gentleman. God's halo coat inherent innate temperament and gas field is simply to create a male god range of children born, excellent texture, the wind and the clothes give the men a chic, atmospheric visual effects, Slim version Coat makes the inside take a flexible and changeable, can be a formal full sense of suits, can be leisure Fanbo Peng sweaters, a coat up, only a pair of crisp-shaped appearance. It is noteworthy that the coat length of the coat should not be too long, in general, to the buttocks like; in addition there are some such as scarves, handbags and other accessories will make coat effect of sublimation, male god range children more adequate. Warm men halo Christmas dinner romantic, a warm embrace, this thick sense of security and warmth is that every woman can not resist. Goldlion long section of this season thick white goose down jacket, high-purity white goose down gives warm and reliable down, but did not increase the weight of the corresponding clothes, the other colors are also trying to escape the usual winter black and white boring trap deduction Real winter "light new" fashion. If the weather is too cold, take a sweater directly inside, and then tighten the zipper, warm feeling & full of cool; if the weather is warm, may wish to open the "mind", take the ride can play a color dot, creating a perfect sense of hierarchy and visual segmentation, To create the golden ratio of body size, take off the coat to her beloved she still type after the color. This Christmas will not be the same, with a formal dress similar, with a special halo to see her special, in a particularly romantic night to create a memorable memory.

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