The world's most expensive jewelry debut

The world's most expensive jewelry L’incomparable (unparalleled)

The world's most expensive jewelry L'incomparable (unparalleled)

In March of this year, Guinness's newly-recognized L'incomparable (unparalleled) will be unveiled at the Jewel Fest Jewellery Show in Singapore from October 11th to 20th, with a price of US$55 million.

This pair of necklaces is made of 637 carats of diamonds, including a deep yellow diamond weighing 407.48 carats. It is the largest "inner flawless" diamond ever identified by GIA Gemological Institute; 90 white diamonds weighing a total of 230 carats.

L'incomparable is produced by Swiss family jeweler Mouawad, and Victoria's secretly famous diamond bra is also from its hands. (Mouawad is based in Switzerland but originated in the Middle East and Lebanon. It is also the first jewellery watchmaker to introduce Rolex, Patek Philippe and other famous watches to Saudi Arabia.)

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