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This site on October 31 hearing, a pair of shoes that can hold the scene, an eye-catching accessories, will definitely make you mediocre passers-by modeling instant fashion up, turning fashion people only in an instant. Here are the best selection of autumn and winter for you to get rid of the ordinary fashion beauty shoes, Leopard prints, rivets, printing, mirror mirror these autumn and winter are the most in a lot of elements, but also with complement each other to steal the mirror accessories, for you absolutely Shape a lot of extra points. Let's verify the magical effect of the beauty shoes accessories.

The charm of the print bloom

Nothing was more direct and infectious than printing, but it was quite strange to see the prints printed on shoes and earrings. Nicholas Kirkwood Printed Silk Chelsea boots made for Erdem's fall fashion show are matched by Eddie Borgo's new jade and white turquoise gold-plated stud earrings. Convenient and concise attire is comfortable, yet elegant and feminine.

Black and white glamour retro tone

The black and white feel of the accessories brings a special taste, a bit retro and feel elegant, is a legend in the classic. Eddie Borgo's "Moon Drop" onyx rhodium-plated earrings highlight the novelty of exaggeration and eye-catching, Valentino black-and-white high-heeled boots are a bit conservative vintage, but it is popular and fashionable, and a relaxation, this match is not very delicious?

Rivet interpretation of black and white classic

Rivets are always in vogue, and will always point itself to the popular sign, there is nothing to replace, gold rivets Valentino's black leather headband and Valentino rivet leather and ankle boots, eye-catching iconic rivet embellishments will accompany you through the long Your workday is the perfect choice for you to travel through the major fashion shows of Fashion Week. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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