The gold market will benefit from the Sino-US financial war

Since the beginning of this year, the US dollar index has risen fiercely, not only pulling the 7th Yangxian line on the monthly chart, but also increasing by more than 5%, which is the longest of the 7 consecutive Yangxian lines.

As everyone knows, the United States has always used the rise and fall of the US dollar to conduct a financial war: first, by issuing a large amount of US dollars, letting the dollar depreciate, entering other countries, pushing up the price of assets there; and then, when appropriate, trying to raise the dollar and make the dollar Returning to the United States and selling other countries’ assets at the same time caused a financial crisis and profited from it.

So, how has China done over the years? Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s economy has continued to grow, assets have increased dozens of times, and per capita gross domestic product (GDP) has risen from more than 200 US dollars to more than 10,000 US dollars. This is because the production has developed, is the people exchanged for their blood and sweat? Yes, no. Because a large part of it comes from the development of virtual economy and rising asset prices. The economy has two major parts: the real economy and the virtual economy. In the past, we only developed the real economy. Therefore, the country has no money and the economic development is very slow. Now, with both hands, the virtual economy is developed through various methods, so the money is more and the economic development is Soon. Originally, the United States moved many manufacturing companies to China, hoping to turn China into a cheap production base. But I did not expect the Chinese to learn from their virtual economic development. Now the Chinese also have money. The Chinese have begun to go global, investing and acquiring everywhere, and investing overseas has even surpassed foreign investment in China.

So how did these capitals come from? The most important point of the virtual economy is to spend the future benefits on the present, so that money can multiply. For example, real estate prices have risen several times, making the amount of money in the hands of Chinese people many times. Now that the asset bubble is so big, can it withstand the pressure of Americans and prevent house prices from falling? In the Asian financial crisis of 1997, China closed its borders by foreign exchange policy; in the global financial crisis of 2007, China’s investment of 4 trillion yuan prevented the economic downturn and saved the world. The current approach is to launch the stock market, and at the same time prepare to take measures such as interest rate cuts and RRR cuts to increase funds in the market. Even if some of the funds flow to the United States, it will not let it put pressure on the country. At the same time, what is more important is to push the renminbi to the world, and trade with more and more countries to settle in renminbi, which on the one hand squeezes the market of the dollar and on the other hand can get the benefits of issuing money.

The gold market will naturally benefit from the Sino-US financial warfare, as currency price volatility drives investors to buy gold to avoid risk. On the other hand, gold still has great prestige as the ultimate currency. If one day China announced that the gold reserves have increased or even surpassed that of the United States, or that the United States has reported that the foreign gold reserves stored in the vault have been sold by the United States, it is conceivable how much influence it will have on the market. This is tantamount to throwing an atomic bomb on the financial front.

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