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Men are naturally innocent shopping, so men also prefer to buy clothing online. So, Taobao men's flagship store which have? Which men's flagship store reputation is better? Taobao men's flagship store top ten brands list to tell you. 1, sportica flagship store: Spohritz card (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and marketing integration of the brand apparel business in 2005 Spoket card in Zhangping City to establish large-scale production base, as the newly rising domestic first-line men's brand Now nearly 1,000 employees, the annual sales of billions. 2009 selected Taobao recommended "Amoy brand TOP5" in 2010, the State Department of e-commerce and the global network of General Assembly, "Top Ten net goods brand," the honorary title, in March 2011 by Lenovo invested 10 million yuan venture capital level in October Selected in 2011, "Zero2IPO - China Top 50 Most Valuable Investors"! 2, sir7 Men: Sir7 Taobao 5 crown men's clothing store, the flagship of the youth trend Japan and South Korea style of youth, fashion, sunshine as the main management style 3, ZZPHOMME British quality men's clothing: zzphomme British men's clothing store as its name, the main British-style men's clothing, loved by the British style GG favorite. 4, commoner legend: clothing legend is a men's brand from Taobao, mainly British style, with excellent texture, suitable tailoring, perfect workmanship to win. Commoner's clothing from the legendary team manufacturing industry, in the apparel industry has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of the team's advantages make it Taobao Men Top 10 for 4 consecutive years. 5, zero male flagship store: MR.ZERO (zero male) was born in the coast of the East China Sea Egret Xiamen, belonging to Xiamen Long Yi Garments Co., Ltd., the beginning of its establishment will be to guide the fashion trend as its mission. Committed to the MR.ZERO (zero male) men's brand operations and the expansion of online sales channels, the latest fashion apparel to consumers in mainland China. 6, Justyle men's flagship store: JUSTYLE - justyourstyle, innovative integration of today's fashion people commonly used two representative words "JustStyle", reflects the aristocratic urban fashion attitude. Founded in London, England, the fashion brand JUSTYLE, product design concept originated from the European fashion clothing style, intake of international fashion elements, build the top fashion brand classic style, learn from the international trend while referring to Asian men's body features, allowing customers to enjoy luxury at a moderate price quality. 7, clothing Tiancheng flagship store: clothing Tiancheng is originated in the network of men's brand. Eptison shows the elegance and sophistication of a modern man, fighting hard for the ideal. Clothing Tiancheng EPTISON strive to achieve each single product is carrying an ideal to interpret an era of men's pursuit of the ideal. 8, 柒 plus Shangpin flagship store: 柒 plus Shangpin flagship store is a Taobao Mall men's clothing store, both the style of clothes, quality and service levels are ranked in the forefront of the industry, to become Taobao people will visit the men's clothing shop one. 9, no1dara flagship store: no1dara brand fashion from Japan and South Korea's trendy fashion design concept, which has been adhering to the South Korea's most IN trend, fully demonstrated. no1dara respected simple fashion, personalized fashion design style, through the designer charm of men, confident, elegant and vividly demonstrated. 10, GXG official flagship store: France GXG brand was founded in the late 1970s, a city specializing in urban high-taste casual clothing business design company, the Gill and Green brothers together create a group. GXG men's clothing from the dress also reflects the double G style, GillMixGreen; gentleman temperament of the City Office family of men through GXG's two major series: urban street holidays and urban business interweaving with these young gentlemen dressed like The same fashion stars, self-confidence and dazzling.

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