SVG specially customized Tsinghua Yangtze Delta team monthly tournament --- Links station

Early spring and early summer early June, flowers, neither the beginning of the spring when the chilly, nor when the scorching and lazy summer. Moderate but not sparse, warm but not restrained, the sky is quiet, vegetation happy. Rare free and idle, in such a peaceful June day, Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Championships playoff match held at Links Stadium.


SVG is still about apparel for each team members prepared a beautiful uniforms for the event has injected new vitality!


Originated from Milan, Italy, SUNVIEW GOLF clothing, adhering to the international sports women's fashion, practical, functional clothing culture at the same time; well versed in the Chinese golf enthusiasts on the color, style of the pursuit, combined with the extraction of Europe's unique fashion personality clothing Style: Ultimately for golfers perfect to create a "confident, stylish, passionate, happy," the classic image.


Fashion sense - the perfect combination of sports and fashion elements, emphasizing the beautiful patterns and collocation, fashion golf

Quality sense - functional and comfort compatible fabrics, superb craftsmanship highlight the excellent quality

Value sense - cheap luxury allows you to become the court, the most beautiful life in the landscape!



SVG Golf Golf still leads the fashion trend, serving high-end consumers. SVG adheres to the concept of "confident and fashionable, happy to meet". It devotes itself to providing novel, fashionable and professional clothes for golfers, and attaches great importance to the sense of technology and comfort of fabrics.


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