Summer skirts with the holy street summer skirt with skills

Skirts are the must-have items for the summer crush, which gives you a cool, feminine look. Of course, skirts have different styles and styles, so with the method is different. What should that summer skirt with it? How to show the skirt with some style, the following holy street brought summer skirt with skills, but to learn oh!

圣陌 - Crisantemo

A navy blue dress, big favorite color and style, then this time you can not swap, and must wear out of gas field. Po blue and white with absolutely classic and stylish. And this shirt style is also very unique, shoulder mesh splicing, very delicate! Such a match, we will be able to successfully attract the attention of others.

夏季半身裙怎么搭配 圣陌夏季裙装搭配技巧

A skirt A skirt, not pick the body at all, high waist design can cover the belly of the fleshy, wide hem very good hiding a small thick legs. A high waist style skirt, coupled with a short section of the T-shirt, was tall and slim Oh! Printing into the more is a sense of fashion!

Picture source: St. street women

Cashmere Pva Yarn

PVA fiber is one kind of the water-soluble fiber will solubilize when water washing, the construction of knitting fabric will be more loose, light and soft. So the pilling resistance will be 1 or half grade poor than the pure cashmere fabric. For Cashmere Pva Yarn, the content of pva fibre can adjust according to customer` request .

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