Summer dinner party to wear what to wear summer evening dress style

Spring and summer seasons are coming, and the spring and summer party banquets continue, but they do not know what to wear. Nor do the old conservatives conform to the tone of the summer, too gorgeous and too proud. Body is not good, sexy and I do not know how to wear will attract attention. So Xiaobian Here to introduce you to several Sri Lankan women's 2014 spring and summer new evening dress, show graceful figure to show charming gesture, take a look at it!


Elegant and elegant blue evening dress with its unique elegance by many Hollywood stars love mature mature actress wearing gem blue, on the red carpet show charming figure stunning audience, as a fashion you can actually Has a celebrity-like moving temperament, Sri Lanka Si Xian this navy blue evening dress, sexy deep v and personalized shoulder strap, chest Sequins embellishment, lock the eyes of others to create a charming "Chest", high legs and hollow waist cut, Show sexy waistline and slender legs, you are the focus of the banquet.

夏季参加晚宴酒会穿什么  夏季晚礼服款式

If the banquet is the most safe and error-free evening dress is what, presumably it should be a black evening dress it, although the color is not enough over but it will not go wrong. Si Xiannian dress not to mention black evening dress, a shoulder strap designed to make sexy looming, sequins and black sequins glistening, glittering and charming, high waist cut for more slender legs. The focus is even more romantic lower body beautiful fishtail skirt, with a mermaid-like touching, swaying in the wind quietly.

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