Shang Mo women unrestrained uninhibited encounter warm winter

Shang Mo girl with a beautiful dream into the most exciting life, rich in all areas of their talent come to the fore, regardless of work, career or family they can get full of confidence and satisfaction, they love life, love fashion, but also Do not follow the inherent thinking, has its own sharp and unique aesthetic judgment. Yet still fashion women reject the noise of the stunning and pursuit of personal style of low-key bloom! Interpretation of the fashion for them, elegant and slightly agile, arrogant new aristocratic atmosphere, this winter, Shang Mo women still continue the fashionable uninhibited modern atmosphere, the encounter warm winter!


Khaki woolen coat is very useful in winter and a high coefficient of warmth of a holy goods, large lapel design elegant luxury, with shorts and ankle boots, bloom a different attitude!
尚默女装率性不羁 邂逅温暖冬日

In the woman's winter, ultimately, the fur, color fur vest personality but not vulgar, with a bright color of orange primer shirt to enhance the overall vision, the Department of girdle, unruly and exquisite sweet.

尚默女装率性不羁 邂逅温暖冬日

A touch of beige and black stitching the perfect combination of black curly fur to increase the sense of presence, take the black bottoming shirt classic chic, rose red base make the whole body more rich and eye-catching colors.

Real wax fabric is produced by using the wax-resist method and is usually printed on both sides of the fabric , there are usually some slight imperfections in the dye work and pieces will be unique.

Real wax fabric is comfortable weaving, anti-static, shrink-resistant, tear-resistant, so it is often used for garment, shirt, dress, curtains, table cloth, home textiles.

Real Wax Printing Fabric

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