SASLAX Sha Si Lai Si 2015 spring and summer new series

Fashionable women's wear brand SASLAX SASLAX launches the new spring / summer 2015 collection. SASLAX is a well-known fashion brand that displays British elegance. It has always been devoted to creating fashionable fashion with high-taste modern women. Based on the concept of exquisite, fashionable and British, the elegance of the British royal family floats the whole product design. SASLAX, to each of the elegant and elegant women never forget a romantic feeling.

莎斯莱思女装 - SASLAX

British stylish fashion brand in the changing times constantly being rewritten, the 1950s British year, the rebellious London in the 1960s, the birth of the punk in the 70s, the West in the 1980s story, so far the British college, even though so many changes, but England The gentleman's feeling of the wind itself, noble symbol of status has never changed.


And SASLAX this classic style of creativity and high taste perfect reproduction, which respected the exquisite, changeable, elegant and casual modern clothing taste, will be derived from the traditional British aristocracy sense, sensuality, detail and modern attitude, Style, color and detail blend together, so that clothing has a more fit the times, elegant and delicate personality, and to make this with a heritage of personality clothing presents a more modern flavor.


The same dress, different wear, simple accessories, different wear, a change of detail allows you to have a changeable shape, but will never change is the pursuit of the details.

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