Sartre International (SATCHI) men witness the glory and glory! Romantic show CHIC (2013)

Sartre International (SATCHI) men witness the glory and glory! Romantic show CHIC (2013)! Familiar with the founder of the brand SATCHI with talent, struggle, pioneering and innovative spirit went to Europe to learn the manufacture of leather and leather goods, a strong European atmosphere of art and fashion, with dreams and passion he decided to open up the land My ideal career. In the early 1930s, SATCHI was acclaimed for designing and customizing high-grade leather goods for European royal families and aristocrats. SATCHI craftsmen with their artistic inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship made every SATCHI product an unparalleled aristocrat. In the 1970s, the SATCHI brand undergoing the market gradually developed into an internationally renowned brand integrating luggage, leather goods and leather shoes with products in Europe and Southeast Asia. In the early 1980s, SATCHI brand luggage, leather goods, shoes and other products in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places well-known. To meet the needs of market expansion, SATCHI brand in the original bags, leather goods, leather products extended to include the entire men's clothing apparel brand integrated brand. Booth No .: E1210 Time: March 26-29, 2013 Exhibition: The 21st China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC2013) Venue: Beijing • China International Exhibition Center (New Hall): Yu Xiang, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing Road 88 Sachi international men's men's Bing Fusion international trends, the brand style in the continuation of the traditional classic based on the addition of modern fashion elements. Satchi international brand men's series of products flawless, elegant simplicity, the overall design of significant art aesthetic and practical organic unity, for the successful men of all walks of life to provide a full dress service to highlight the noble, elegant and comfortable cultural taste. Satchi international brand men always maintain the excellent quality of the product, its design philosophy continues its original spirit - "Live Life with a Passion" (eagerly pursued, all of life) the pursuit of passion, enterprising, confident wealth of life. Satchi international brand men's advocacy: "Success is a state, a state of mind. Life's true success should not only be a successful career, but also should be the happiness of the family and beauty and leisure life comfortable. Satchi international brand men trying to show you "Eager to pursue, all of life," a new realm of successful life. "

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