Nobody can stop me from wearing shorts! Xiaolu sexy type burst table

Ben Wang June 10 hearing, summer are here, shorts and killed back, no one can stop it shares the storm; of course, it will tell you with a convenient and practical action is actually fashionable is not an either multiple-choice questions. Who said that men exposed thighs are not gentlemen, mix and match hit color, dress casual, different styles have their own different mix of routines. Recommended for everyone to wear a pair of lazy shorts, let you show sexy, style burst table!

NO 1: Smart Casual

Smart Casual can be interpreted as Casual, Business Casual, and a smorgasbord of Business, but this must be worn out!! It is not an exaggeration to understand it as a “mechanical outfit”, or a costume that does not look particularly excessive, but in fact it is It's time to pick out some outfits and collocations that can show your taste.

Geometry pattern suit shorts is not only to ensure the degree of fashion but also brings you a hint of refreshment for your trip. Although the simple geometry does not have the “comfort” of printing, it reveals an alternative elegance in neatness. The shirts and jackets that are paired with Jane are simply lazy people. How can we not love it?

Popular models recommended this season:

NO 2:Short Suit

Men's suits are no longer limited to formal occasions. Younger, more casual, more colorful and more fashionable are the major trends facing men's suits. Short Suit is the meaning of "short set", especially suits with suits and shorts suits dress, style between the formal and casual wear, just a white T backing, the Office Ya Fei is calling you!

In the choice of color, the upper body is undoubtedly the most consistent and the most minimalist style advocated. The choice of shoes is also very important, Oxford shoes, monks shoes and Lofo shoes are undoubtedly the bottom option, the fire of the white shoes for half a year is also with good, wonderful mix and match is very harmonious and very stylish.

Popular models recommended this season:

NO 3: Trendy Vacation

The combination of blue and white is always the best choice for a refreshing vacation, and it will win more for you in the warm sunshine. If you drink a little wine at the beach bar, then escape the equipment of passers-by may be just a slim shorts, solid color is the most appropriate, curling practice to increase the degree of fashion, sexy and strong leg line is to fascinate a large rhythm of it? Don't forget to loosen a few buttons and the looming pectoral muscle is quite tempting; or come on a braided or brightly colored belt and drag the folder into a leather Roman shoe, the whole set of equipment highlights hidden, the color system It is absolutely a good choice for the "clothes".

Popular models recommended this season:

NO 4: Dead House

At the end of a busy week, the most pleasant thing is to stay at home. If you want to be romantic with your girlfriend for a breakfast and watch a movie or something, if you just wrinkle it out of the corner and wrinkle your big pants, it can be insulated from the warmth.

A soft, loose pair of shorts, you can easily roll up the style of men's charm with just a little roll up the trousers; comfortable sports shorts is your first choice. The hard-working muscles can also be used to show off the little ones. The warm and gentle warm-hearted men can capture the heart most.

Popular models recommended this season:

NO5: Refreshing High Street

The lazy way of refreshing high street style is here: lazy people do not bother with black and white gray, a cardigan jacket is also a concave tool, worn on the body, tied at the waist or the temperature is cold to his girlfriend Extra points for performance. Of course, street culture, and ultimately, all kinds of camouflage, comics, candy, solid colors and other sense of coquettish, etc., the original ordinary shorts with a personal tag at once, on the whole to bring a feeling of ease and type. Like small differences, this match is worth a try!

Popular models recommended this season:

NO 6: high energy warning

Cowboy love, shorts need to be cautious! Denim shorts can be included in the men's high-risk match list, do not believe? Come to see: we have exemplified the right and wrong denim shorts, divided into meat men and fresh meat group, showing no matter Your body is no matter how good, Yan Zaimei, tight-fitting! Short! The two minefields are dead! Rivets, color splicing, and label decoration are not afraid. The loose knee-length version is the key.

In the final Tips: In the selection of the length of shorts, if you have a good leg look, then expose one-third of thigh shorts can show you the advantages; if you think that your legs are not enough to the United States, especially the calf muscle Leg shape, choose knee-length shorts is the best modified leg shape!

Popular models recommended this season : (Cooperative Media: Siyuan shoes)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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