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"Motlons" internationally renowned brand from Seoul, South Korea, entered China in 2001, the establishment of Guangzhou Meng Terence Garment Limited. "motlons" in Korea, Hong Kong, Guangzhou has a product research and development centers, "motlons" With the world's leading fashion trends and innovative ideas, open, unique interpretation of the new era of men's charm. For many years, "Motlons" has always insisted on operating principles around the brand's quality, taste and service. With professional brand management approach, it constantly grasps the pulse of fashion trends and constantly strengthens its brand culture and continues to enhance the taste of life. Quality, so that "motlons" has become a much-loved men's brand of consumers. Company R & D products: including T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, suits, trousers, casual pants, shirts, shoes, leather goods, Jewelry and other men's series of apparel. Guangzhou Mengnuolunsi Garment Co., Ltd. with strong economic strength and excellent management capabilities, long-term market-renowned. "motlons" will continue to promote teamwork, mutual benefit and win-win spirit and philosophy, create a more brilliant new era of fashion.

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