Japanese bamboo furniture exported to Europe and the United States favored

Japanese bamboo furniture exported to Europe and the United States favored

Use local high-quality bamboo to blend in the design of Nordic high-class furniture. The furniture sales company established in the Yamaguchi Business Association in Saitama Prefecture uses local bamboo to produce high-quality furniture and plans to export these furniture abroad.

The furniture company TakeCreateHagi in Handan has reached an agreement with Finnish furniture company to use the Finnish furniture company's design philosophy. At present, the company has received orders.

About 2,250 hectares of high-quality bamboo forests surround Sakai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Since the bamboo fiber in Handan City is very strong, in the past, these bamboos were used to make craftwork and sell well.

As early as 2002, Sakai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture began cooperation with young European designers to start researching bamboo products. In 2004, Handan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture held an exhibition of furniture and handicrafts. The reality of the absence of bamboo furniture in Europe and the United States and the advanced processing technologies in Europe and America left a deep impression on Handan furniture manufacturers.

Nara Shinwa (67) pointed out that they learn from foreign furniture brands about their essence and hope to create their own brand in the future and buy bamboo furniture from Handan abroad.

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