Interpretation of children's shoes industry in 2012 brand terminal display trends

All along, the channels are including children's clothing, including the rapid development of the industry's eternal victory magic weapon. Well, the establishment of the most appealing and sales potential of high-quality terminals where the key to success this year, children's shoes brand channels what way to interpret the brand culture, which should be the most popular display, to maximize the show Goods? To solve the above problems, Liu Yuan-shu, a manager of Xiamen Yuanshengchuang Brand Management Co., Ltd., gave his own suggestion: the modular and vivid experiential terminal display will be more popular among brands and consumers. Taking into account the disagreement of audiences Based on the non-uniformity of audiences in children's brand consumption in terms of purchase, decision-making and use, first of all, we need to consider the consumption needs of purchase decision-makers. As the decision makers and purchasers of children's wear products, parents pay more attention to the sense of quality of their products, and their reception of the quality of clothing mainly comes from the overall perception of the image of the terminal. Therefore, in the overall environment of the terminal to build, you need to consider the overall design style, materials, lighting systems, color emotions and other factors, and according to the characteristics of clothing with a reasonable match and display, passing brand quality sense, so that the audience generated brand Highly agree Through the terminal interior layout of the interesting space, a reasonable shopping route planning, patchwork display, childlike art of cultural props, giving the audience a comfortable and relaxed shopping experience and spiritual experience, so that a functional behavior into Relax and recreational activities to fully meet the spiritual needs of policy makers. Meet the baby's dual needs In fact, the product end-users are children, so the creative design of the terminal environment needs to meet the dual needs of children's material and spiritual, children are very sensitive to the color sensitivity, so the color is reasonable Use and design are the best vehicles to stimulate children's needs. Based on the different color preferences of different age groups and different genders, as well as the influence of seasonal factors on color expressiveness, it is particularly important that the interesting color expression of targeted creative ideas. In addition, the display mode and display props: combined with the psychological characteristics of children love to curiosity, into more fun and playfulness. With the characteristics of clothing design more interesting and vivid display of the use of cultural props, so that the audience happy to enhance brand stickiness. Good environmental music Remember the brand's brand of auditory recognition has always been a lot of children's wear businesses often ignore the important identification elements. Good environmental music in shopping behavior generated stimulus is very powerful. According to the brand culture and positioning, tailored to meet children's aesthetic perception of the brand melody, to create fun terminals, enhance brand appeal and promote sales played a significant role in promoting. Of course, the brand of large flagship store in the overall terminal space planning, if you do a good job of the above premise, you can plan playful fun experience area and other layouts, while planning the introduction of recreational promotional activities, in order to plump the overall terminal image, Establish a three-dimensional brand perception experience for the consumer audience, and finally achieve the goal of building a brand high-quality terminal: to improve the single-store retail power, to get out of the homogenization of channel competition and to create a benign mode of profit growth for the brand.

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