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City Jiaoren Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, adhering to the "customer satisfaction as a starting point, 48 hours nationwide service" business philosophy, has passed ISO9001: 2000 scientific management model, the customer's corporate culture and apparel design, technology, fabrics Integration, so that ordinary business to create an extraordinary value.


City beauty pays attention to the brand promotion in the country, deeply likes by the consumer group. Now the country has more than 1,200 stores. Invested huge sums of money to set up direct sales to prove the long-term business confidence and business development strategic height; the other direct stores will host the functions: the standard image of the store's model center, outstanding sales elite and industry personnel training base, regional franchisees Training base, market information and information center, brand promotion / regional development / product testing center, dedicated to serving franchisees around.

2012年城市佳人精品内衣 诚邀您的加盟

Underwear industry breakthroughs in the implementation of the regional dealer policy support outstanding franchisees to become stronger and stronger, from a single store business to regionalization, specialization, large-scale operation, the achievement of the dream of franchisee multi-millionaire.

Mongolian Lamb Fur Scarf is a luxurious fur that is incredibly soft, silky and curly. Plus it has natural properties that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The fur is over 3.5 inches long. All colors are professionally dyed. Tibetan Lamb Fur is a luxurious fur that is incredibly soft, silky and curly.

Every scarf is professionally dyed whole, individual, unsewn, grade A Mongolian Lamb Fur.

Our world famous dreamy Mongolian lamb fur scarfs are made from 100% real soft and fluffy Mongolian lamb fur.

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Mongolian Lamb Fur Scarf

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