I love the city to wear more clothes do not take shape

Esons, living museum of art, full of Italian fashion, gothic churches, street coffee, square art, loft lifestyle and so on, as the esons most esoteric temperament, to bring people a new concept of luxury. They are passionate, energetic, enjoy free and eclectic lifestyle, fashion and fashion methodically filter, in the most own style, different interpretation of the self, and in every corner of life seeking change in happiness! esons to create a wide range of styles, casual, fashion, sports. Easy gorgeous colors, to achieve the balance of design, soft curves with exquisite details, pay more attention to the interpretation of feminine style, according to different occasions, a new generation of new clothing and fashion has been sought after. Shirts, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters and details of accessories and additional products form a complete product structure, choose a few random, seemingly careless decoration with, but you can make you feel different temperament. [Conditions of joining] 1 "Applicant requirements: more than 2 years of brand apparel management experience, a certain amount of financial strength, can personally participate in shop management. 2 "Premises: local bustling commercial sites, shopping malls or shopping malls. 3 "Business area: stores, shopping malls counters (side hall or hall) and practical area of ​​50 square meters and above. 4 "shop decoration: unified by the company to provide the image of decoration, free decoration design, production costs borne by the franchisee.

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