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Motorcycle leather gloves and metal rings is definitely a creative idea.

Insulation Gloves, also known as high-voltage insulation gloves, are made of natural rubber, insulated or latexed by compression, molding, curing or immersion molding five finger gloves, mainly for electrical work. Five-finger gloves made of rubber, mainly for electrical work, with the role of protecting the hand or the human body. Can prevent electricity, water, acid, anti-chemical, anti-oil.
. Insulation gloves are labor protection products, play a protective role of the opponent or the human body, made of rubber, latex, plastics and other materials, with anti-power, water, acid and alkali, chemical resistance, oil-proof function. For the power industry, automotive and mechanical maintenance, chemical industry, precision installation. Each material has different characteristics, depending on the type of chemical in contact with the glove, and has a specific purpose.
Insulating gloves for live working are an important part of the insulation protection of individual protective equipment.With the development of the power industry, the popularization of live working technology puts forward more stringent requirements on the safety of the insulated gloves used for live working. However, the current market production, distribution, use of insulated gloves and live gloves with insulated operating standards more confusing.

Insulation Gloves

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