Hetian jade's several collection features

The Hetian jade collection is an art collection that is different from its art collection. If it is a pendant or a small piece, it can be carried with you. Not only can it be seen from a distance, but it can also be played close, and Hetian jade will become more oily and spiritual in the process of raising the plate. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish between collections and products. What are the specific characteristics?

First of all, Hetian jade was originally born from the essence of heaven and earth, and has the reputation of “Emperor Jade”, and Hetian jade itself is a precious and scarce resource. It also has the characteristics of non-renewability, but its output is far less than the market demand.

Hetian jade is different from other collections. It is not only necessary to imitate Hetian jade, but when it comes to understanding the friends of Hetian jade, even the higher imitation technology can be distinguished by careful identification.

Its hedging is better than the average collection, even under the current economic trend, it is still stable. Moreover, with the decreasing of Hetian jade resources and the difficulty of mining, Hetian jade quality jade materials will become more and more rare. At present, the high-end jade material of Hetian jade seed material can reach the price of 2-3 million yuan/gram.

Jade culture has a long history in China. Hetian jade is not only rare in materials, but after its carving, art appreciation is also rare. Each of its works is made by the jade carving master. A good carving is not only because of its rare jade, but also its meaning and good artistic value.

Hetian jade is also very good in preservation. Its chemical nature is stable, so you don't have to worry about the problem of being difficult to save. It can be used as a handed down product.

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