Gorgeous transformation - fun odd Shandong Exhibition Hall

New style, new atmosphere! Interesting Shandong team a new image came out, look a new look. Brand new image, exquisite decoration, new office environment, attractive eye. Curiosity odd 190 square Shandong Hall, using the new VI image, highlighting the brand style. Amorous and comic, with the comic style and brand new style and seamless integration. Partition display, accessories with a reasonable high-end, atmospheric, stylish interior Bright and spacious office Cozy odd exhibition hall, storage center, activity fitness club, small sunflower center, dance studio, the girls love - beauty salon , Can sweat fatigue and fitness useful sweat steam room, office area, lounge and restaurant constitute our multi-element office building. Happy work, healthy life! We are full of colorful and happy! Image upgrade, upgrade the office environment, the development of Shandong coke can also be a new level!

Blackout Curtain

Blackout Drapes,Light Blocking Curtains,Textile Blackout Curtain,Room Darkening Curtains


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