For everyone, science ice jade

In fact, for beginners, it is not very easy to find out what is ice jade, because when the ice jade is very pure and less impurity, it is often mistaken for the glass jade, and the impurity white cotton is slightly A little more will be regarded as a kind of jade, and the ice jade in the middle of the two different jadeites is often difficult to distinguish, so today I will come to the science of ice and jade.

Ice type jade, as the name suggests, is like ice crystal. Let's go to the refrigerator and take a piece of ice to see it. What do you see? Although the ice is very pure and transparent, the surface can still see a large white mist, and there are some white mist blocks with uneven crystals inside. The ice crystals that are condensed by water are still the same, let alone the jade with various minerals. ? So don't expect the ice jade to be as pure and transparent as the glass, but it is definitely more watery than the jade that can hardly be seen.

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