Fair perfect ending Guge first stunning turn around

The 9th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo ended on May 20, with tens of thousands of guests from home and abroad, exhibitors, buyers and more than 1,000 journalists interviewing the show for the duration of 4 Days of unforgettable cultural events. Shenzhen Cultural Fair home stadium colorful, 43 sub-venue each show extraordinary, colorful.

A number of industry areas go hand in hand, showing a prosperous atmosphere of contending. Underwear industry actively forging ahead by the Working Committee of Guangming New District, the Office of Management and other departments hosted by the Association of Shenzhen Underwear Industry and Snow cents Li Industrial co-host institutions in the Guangming New Area set up special activities, invited a large number of businesses together underwear cultural and creative exhibition , Mainly static display, supplemented by dynamic design of award-winning works of design competitions, regional brand development seminars and other activities to fully demonstrate the underwear brand image of the New District, as well as the creative design leading the industrial restructuring.


Gu Ge in the underwear cultural and creative exhibition, mainly static display-based. Through a series of planning, vivid display of Gu Ge brand image in 9 square meters booth. The main exhibition on the image exhibition includes: Gu Ge brand image, product concept, concept product, product display, Gu Ge underwear culture and so on. Guge brand after more than 10 years of growth, step by step to grow into the industry leader, in addition to the help of the majority of the industry portrait, but also inseparable from the recognition of consumers, homeopathy and efforts, will promote the ancient grid further To the Chinese market to a new level in international standards.

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