Early winter dresses will wear like this: coat + skirt warm da da Mei da

Winter is still trying to wear dresses how to do? Do you wear a winter dress? As long as we wear right, then do not worry that they will be cold Oh. Skirt + jacket, you can warm as well as the United States and the United States da.

菲雍兰蝶 - FLYONDE

Early winter dress, as built-in time can not be self-cultivation models Oh. Shoulder cut jacket, with a patch stitching, the overall look is still very good. However, this oversized jacket, if the skeleton is too small or do not try, the total feeling will be weird.

初冬裙装就要这样穿:外套+裙装  暖暖哒美美哒

If you want to wear a jacket with a big skirt skirt, you can choose this soft texture jacket, coupled with the belt waist waist, this attitude out of the street, we can make you become the darling of the public Oh. However, the shoulder area if it can be like a model with a fur collar, the fashion color will be better.

Figure Source: Philippine Yong blue butterfly - FLYONDE


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