Down jacket "careful machine" with the cold winter temperature and demeanor

The pace of winter is step by step approached us, the beauty of mushroom cold is not to begin to tangle with the temperature and demeanor in the end how can both have to wear down the whole person is bloated, do not wear really is too cold, in fact Why so annoyed, just a little play point "careful machine", even the jacket can wear out slim figure, both temperature and grace both.


Photo credit: Red rain bamboo 2013 winter new

Short paragraph of the circus pattern down jacket, orange makes people feel more bathing warm sun, sleeves and fur collar stitching more visual sense, and with a large skirt lace skirt, so that the legs slender slender lines, reconcile Thick down jacket.

羽绒服“小心机”搭配  寒冷冬季温度与风度兼顾

Photo credit: Red rain bamboo 2013 winter new

So tender green is rare in winter, black stitching and embellishment just right to suppress this sense of jumping, according to the curve of the human body cut, waist design also fully take into account the beauty of women to show the perfect line needs.

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