Defina 2015 new flower series grandly listed

Difena its distinctive distinctive style underwear living museum: a unified image, a unified style of multi-product mix of products to enrich the product line, the concept of natural recreation successfully implanted in the market operation, In the underwear industry's traditional model stores and shopping malls unique counter, and now Di Fenna 2015 new series of flowers grandly listed to show the beauty of women. Design Notes: Graceful plants and beautiful people, must have a beautiful woman, seclusion in the empty valley; This theme is inspired by the vast forests, the infinite mysterious nature has brought beyond imagination vitality. Designers with its luxurious style, rich color to create a temptation, the illusion of freedom in the world between the illusion and the truth. material description: Satin jacquard plus printing, elegant fabric texture, elegant and elegant flower pattern, with lace passionate passionate and sexy perfect fusion. Elegant atmosphere of the printing patterns, delicate and elegant lace, highlighting the confidence of modern women in the United States. Printed fabric for bowl noodles, to achieve the effect of light cup, suitable with tights dress. Pants double fabric, both sexy and comfortable.

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