Contemporary Ceramics: Only Having “Four Beautys” is worth investing in and collecting

Contemporary Ceramics: Only Having “Four Beautys” is worth investing in and collecting With the successful launch of contemporary ceramic art by internationally renowned auction houses, and recent policy adjustments in the real estate market and stock market, an upsurge of investment in the collection of contemporary art ceramics has been created. “Investment is risky, and caution is required when entering the market.” For contemporary art ceramics, what kind of work is worth investing in and collecting? Experts reminded the majority of investment collectors that there are “four beautiful” art ceramics. Only ceramic works with “four beautiful” are worth investing and collecting.

The beauty of decoration is like the "garment" of ceramic art. The so-called "decorative beauty" means that it must adhere to the ceramic body and be consistent with the ceramic shape to give the viewer a decorative aesthetic.

Professor Chen Yuqian, a ceramics critic, believes that decoration is the beautification of the decorated subject so that the decorated subject is more in line with people's aesthetic requirements. The basic elements include decorative image, decorative structure, decorative color, material and surface treatment. The art forms of decoration mainly include three kinds: the form of painting, the form of pattern, and the combination of painting and pattern. Ceramic decoration techniques include three kinds of decoration: decoration of the blank, decoration of the glaze, and decoration of the color.

For ceramic investors, it is necessary to observe whether paintings are based on utensils, with their colors, or on devices; whether they embody unique aesthetic elements such as the neck, shoulders, and waist of porcelain vases. For another example, ceramics are different in height, height, size, radius, flatness, curvature, etc. Different types of devices are designed to decorate different screens. Make people, landscapes, flowers, birds and other decorative objects like each other.

Personality, beauty, and personality In other words, ceramic artists need to create works that have their own artistic personality and artistic style. They can't be used by thousands of people, and they can reflect the beauty of the artist's personality.

Contemporary ceramic art masters not only created many beautiful ceramic art items, but also boldly innovated on the basis of inheriting traditions, forming a distinctive personal art style. For example, Liu Yuanchang has enriched the theme of porcelain carving art, in terms of expression techniques. From realistic to expressive, using exaggeration, deformation and other artistic techniques to make the work more personalized; Ning Qin Zheng innovative blue color glaze comprehensive decoration, modern brush landscape, high temperature matte color glaze decoration, high temperature Chinese red color glaze; Nine has innovated the practice of blue-and-white writing and semi-knife mud ceramic carving; Qin Xilin has invented modern folk blue and modern ceramic art; Xu Qinggeng has innovated the pastel art; Yang Suming has innovated the art of pinching; Lai Dequan has innovated the glaze pearl color; Innovating the special process of ink painting; Li Jusheng innovative high-temperature color glaze decoration; Liu Ping, Xu Yafeng innovative water point peach; Qi Peicai innovative finger porcelain painting; Shu Huijuan innovative matte pastel; Tu Jinshui innovative porcelain carving secondary Burning method...

These works, which embody the beauty of the artist's personality, are of high artistic value, good viewing, and strong representativeness. They are the first choice for collection investment.

The beauty of artistic conception In the long-term creative practice, ceramic artists absorbed the drawing techniques and aesthetics of Chinese painting, paid attention to the creation of artistic conception, concentrated the essence of real life in the United States, and fully reflected the characteristics of life that could evoke beautiful emotions. Causes viewers to feel beautiful and resonate.

For example, Mr. Wang Xiliang, master of Chinese arts and crafts, was very particular about the artistic conception of his works. In 1991, his ink painting “Tian You Feng” painted on a porcelain plate and the sky peaked on the screen. Visitors climbed on a curved mountain path in the cliff. The author wrote in the blank space of the painting “Autumn on the Sky”. Questions, both to explain the season, but also named the location. A scene full of autumnal mountaineering delights comes into view, making people think of it, just like there is a romantic atmosphere of the heavenly tour, making the porcelain painting more poetic.

The beauty of materials investment in the collection of art ceramics, we must first examine whether the utensils have the characteristics of material beauty. Such as Jingdezhen ceramics with "white jade, bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, such as sound," the material characteristics, that "white jade" refers to the whiteness of porcelain; "thin as paper" refers to the thickness of porcelain tires; "bright as mirror" refers to the enamel Transparency and nourishment; "sound as loud" refers to the musical sense of porcelain. In the process, ceramic art has already reached a very high level, and the material itself can bring beauty to the viewer.

The ceramic art has formed its unique Jingdezhen ceramic culture with its exquisite decorative beauty, fantastic artistic conception, unique beauty of the ceramic art, and unique material beauty. It has been loved by people and gradually became the first choice for people to invest in collection. As long as the ceramic art has "four beautiful", it is worth investing and collecting!

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