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Read countless women, I was surprised to find that there are a lot of female friends, like the previous me, beautiful, but ignoring the nuances of the underwear , Mama almost wearing underwear. They do not know the size of their measurements, but do not know the rest of their body size. Underwear is a private thing, but no one taught how to choose from the size, fabric, cut design and effectiveness, just to be ashamed to form a natural habit, symbolic or hanging or affixed to or wrapped in the body .

I was very lucky, after graduating from college went to a company called Farman children work underwear company, is a specialized design, production, sales Body underwear company. Ordinary casual buy underwear I was very surprised, surprised at the size of the underwear; surprised at so much attention to the design tailoring; surprise in the underwear due to the fabric, design and tailoring different and have different effects; even more surprised at underwear You can also warranty; surprised to the original society of women have such an appropriate care.


For the first time really concerned about their own body. Women are made of water, men are mud, women are more fluid relative to men, with age, estrogen secretion after 25 years of age gradually decreased, basal metabolism gradually slow, body fat began to increase the accumulation of Waist, abdomen, thighs most obvious, and under the gravity effect, these have a certain weight of fat will be 0.2cm / year rate of natural droop, shift, causing females fear thigh, waist and abdomen swollen, Breasts, buttocks sagging phenomenon, at the same time by the marriage, childbirth and breastfeeding, aging will be faster, making the body completely aliasing, deformation, resulting in bloated body, not only does not show the women should have the temperament, but also lose the women's self-confidence heart.

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When the force lost the support force, only with the help of external support delay body aging deformation, so underwear is not just a shame, but should be to change the body defects, maintain a good shape, to help women achieve perfect body shape She was hailed as "the second layer of skin for women."

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