Children's clothing brand beauty meihaizi middle-grade quality excellence

American children meihaizi high-end brand children's clothing "health, environmental protection, the original ecology," the concept of product design, materials used throughout the brand culture, the fun, comfort to bring domestic and children to share. In the design style to Japan and South Korea, England, the fashion brand personality, through the design details and fabric handling, reflecting the harmony of the product, the perfect chapter shows the distinct personality of urban children and lively and lovely atmosphere. Beauty children meihaizi children's clothing workmanship is very elegant, production processes and processes have a professional technical engineer responsible for inspection and management. In the face, the choice of materials require the use of chlorine bleaching methods, no formaldehyde for post-processing, to ensure that noodles, accessories without any possible harmful substances, and pay attention to hygroscopicity, breathability, softness, warmth and other good features so that the United States children meihaizi children's clothing brand in full compliance with international eco-textile standards. American children meihaizi brand children's clothing focused on 3--16-year-old urban children. Product Positioning Japan, South Korea, England, fashion and other diverse styles, the European concept of "health, environmental protection, the original ecology" into the product design and development, to provide "healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable" seasons out of service. Deduce the sunshine of urban children, cute, naive, lively. Children's clothing brand children meihaizi excellence in the production, the pursuit of every procedure to achieve the best to ensure that each one of the products to achieve the best quality. Company production department has a well-planned, and production in the system, the standardization of continuous improvement, in strict accordance with the provisions of the process and standards for high-quality production, and in the production of middle management to strengthen the quality of training and job responsibilities, the formation of stable technology Management, while improving the management functions of each process. Through the system of change and the division of responsibilities for the channel of product quality and good output off. Professional skills, exquisite production design, strict quality control, to ensure that each product is a boutique!

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