Can not be less leggings autumn and winter show again

This site on October 31, leggings will return to the streets! In this year, leggings have exaggerated and colorful changes. Of course, the traditional school is not going to be out of date, but if you have a beautiful pair of legs, try exaggerating leggings and make your legs the most eye-catching scenery in the streets!

Leather school

Leather leggings are the most traditional styles, but if you want to change, try sculpting or pattern stitching! Please note that the tops should not be too long...

Denim pie

Tight leg jeans and leggings almost have the same base effect. Subtle length can basically match all shoe types.

Color print

This should be one of the most open and wild playthings among the young women of literature and art! The downside is that wearing more is easy to get tired...


Or fake flesh, or silk stockings ... ... the degree of cold resistance of women in the winter is definitely comparable to "polar bear." However, if you want to be sexy, you must pay attention to the matching of shoes!


The same is the flash, but the fluorescent color also adds color to the flash! Are you really ready to ride it?

Brushed school

The napped material easily gives a warm feeling in winter. Ideal for winter atmosphere. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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