Buy high quality ruby ​​jewelry

Ruby's English name is Ruby, which means red. Ruby belongs to the category of top gemstones. Wearing ruby ​​jewelry will make people more temperament and identity. Many friends bought ruby ​​jewelry because they did not understand and bought a ruby ​​that is not suitable for themselves or not. If you want to buy a good ruby ​​jewelry, you must know the need to buy high-quality ruby ​​jewelry.

Buy ruby ​​jewelry first depends on the color of the ruby. The color of ruby ​​directly determines its value. The most valuable color of ruby ​​is the pure bright red. This is the pigeon blood ruby. These gems are very expensive. Secondly, pay attention to whether it is flawed. If the ruby ​​has flaws, its value will be affected. It is normal for the ruby ​​to have cracks, but if there are too many cracks or the crack passes through the center, the cracked ruby The price of jewelry will not be too high.

Buy premium ruby ​​jewelry followed by ruby ​​weight. The weight of a ruby ​​like a diamond is also calculated in carats. One carat is two hundred milligrams. If the situation is the same in all aspects, the higher the carat, the higher the value of the ruby.

Buying high quality ruby ​​jewelry depends on the shape of the ruby. There are many common shapes of ruby ​​jewelry. When you buy, friends should choose the one that suits them according to their own preferences and skin color, so that they will look good when worn.

Buying high-quality ruby ​​jewelry depends on the clarity of the ruby. Ruby itself has a lot of impurities, so the higher the clarity of ruby, the higher its price, the corresponding luster of pure ruby ​​is also the most gorgeous.

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