Bright color with a single product to create a vibrant style

Ben Wang September 23 hearing, who said that the man's wardrobe can only have such a dark color of black and white ash, the real tidal wave is to have fun. If a man wears black and white ash, then he must be an old man. Even if he looks good, it is uncle. Want to stay young and active all the time? Throw away old-fashioned, dark-colored costumes, and use fashionable and yet uncompromising styles with fresh, comfortable, colorful items. This is what youthfulness is like! Come along with the influx of people. Learn to play fun with autumn colors!


Matching plaid shirt, plaid shirt is the most important grid type color, bright colors, take a white bottom T, take high-waist jeans and boots, open the chest to wear, so that the overall Look more stylish.


Blue space cotton sweater, V-shaped color matching visual impact, with white jeans, knee hole design is very stylish, immediately create a stylish range of children.


Bright orange thin jacket, pocket design on the sleeves, not monotonous, take a pure white T-shirt, under the relaxed Harlan casual pants, showing a relaxed student temperament.


The colour-matched raglan sleeved sweater is a sleek, lemon-yellow stitching. It is bright and seductive. It is worn together with a white shirt.


Loose-fitting plaid sweater, shoulders, color matching plaid, fashionable UP, take 5 minutes shorts, orange socks and green handbags with the addition of highlights for the overall. (Collaborative Media: Shoe-like pictures, Yalun Shusha shoes)

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