Bikun fine underwear to your wonderful feeling of physical and mental pleasure

Bi Ka Man women's underwear so that women from both physical and psychological to get the most comfortable and considerate feelings, through a special production process will infiltrate a variety of plant essence fabric, the product has a lavender, rose, sweet-scented osmanthus and other natural plant flowers aromatic Bika smear antibacterial, with a soothing and pre-pleasing body and mind of the wonderful effect. Avignon Lingerie Experience Museum, aromatherapy antibacterial series will be refined oil into rose oil underwear design. Bikan women underwear for the wearer to experience the fragrance of the new world of overflowing! ! Although women are willing to spend money on their own personal equipment, at present, 80% of Chinese women find it hard to afford expensive underwear. Cheap mid-range brand underwear presents a strong market demand and a large market gap. High supply and longing for consumer psychology, a serious problem of supply and demand.

碧卡蔓精品内衣  给您身心愉悦的美妙感受

Bikarvina lingerie will be the characteristics of the oriental women and the fashion world of information combined with the development of different characteristics of the product to meet the needs of different segments of consumer groups. High middle and low prices of products companies have covered the basic men and women underwear series fun series bra underwear series body sculpting series sports and leisure series pajamas series home service series thermal underwear series and so on. Underwear small size, small footprint, less investment, there is no obvious seasonal change, the profits are relatively large. Bikaman women's underwear is currently the best earning money is a woman's money, while the underwear is essential for women's personal clothing, replacement is relatively diligent.

碧卡蔓精品内衣  给您身心愉悦的美妙感受

Bikarvanka lingerie classic and many personality, but graceful and lack of youthful flying, peaceful stunning, rebellious warmth, fantastic fashion style, coupled with the world's top product quality, rich product system, is the personality and fashion A total of wild style. While demonstrating the great advantages of brand, channel, price, operation and service, the brand charm has also become the holy land of Chinese women's underwear.

Dress shoes with T-bar is a shoe to be worn at smart casual or more formal events. A dress shoe is typically contrasted to an athletic shoe,and T-bar is one special Style of dress shoes.

Dress shoes are worn by many as their standard daily shoes, and are widely used in dance, for parties, and for special occasions.

Kids Dress Shoes are also called ladies shoes or doll shoes. It is literally pure, cute and sweet. This style of shoes is mostly flat and wedge shoes. There are few high-heeled shoes. Princess shoes emphasize Simple, feminine, so the color is more than beige, khaki, pink and other soft colors, the toe style is generally round head, on the popular elements, decorated with bows and flowers, highlighting the sweet style.

Genuine Leather Kids Dress Shoes With T-bar Sizes

Mostly sizes we make for Kids Dress Shoes With T-bar Sizes shoes are in 0-6month, 6-12month, 12-18month, 18-24month, and we also use hard rubber sole for Kids Moccasins in larger sizes beyond 2 years old,

Baby moccasins shoes sizes



Kids T-bar Shoes

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