Beibei Xiongqing Dragon Boat thousands of miles "dumplings" is love

Dragon Boat Festival originated in China, initially the Chinese people's disease prevention and epidemic prevention festival, before the Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu Yue in the fifth lunar month in the form of dragon boat tribe totem worship; the day after the death of the poet Qu Yuan became The Chinese Han people commemorate the traditional festival of Quyuan; some areas also commemorate Wu Zixu and Cao E. Dragon Boat Festival there eat dumplings, drink realgar wine, hanging iris, wormwood, Ai Ye, Kaoru Cangzao, Angelica, dragon boat race customs. I wish everyone can have a happy little holiday. In times of festivals, I think I can go home to see holidays and spend holidays with my family. Here, Beibu Xiong children wear hand in hand all the staff wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, business is booming, safe and healthy!

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