Annil children's clothing brand adhering to the European-style publicity personality

Shenzhen Fu Clothing Co., Ltd. is a design, operating a national high-end casual children's clothing brand Anner children's clothing company, is the industry sales of more than one billion children's clothing brand leader in the market occupies a pivotal position and visibility. Annil brand positioning for children aged 2-12 years, comfortable and elegant middle-grade casual children's clothing. In terms of product quality, "Annil Aner" focus on environmental protection, all products are used natural cotton, hemp, wool and other fabrics, printing and dyeing are all reactive environmental dyes, to ensure that every piece of clothing can make to put on her children Get healthy care; style design, "Annil Anner children" advocating the natural simplicity, the pursuit of self-confidence in the design concept, uphold fashion, leisure, freedom with the European style, so that every child wearing an Alligator wear children can be confident and generous , Publicity personality.

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