Analysis of the Causes of the Bars of Knitted Fabrics

In some rows of knitted fabrics, the size of the loops and the chromatic aberration of the fabrics periodically change to show horizontal hidden lines.
Features: zonal, periodic
One 34" 102F single-jersey jersey, 102 courses about 6cm, in a 6cm cycle.
One 34" 84F double-sided machine, 42 courses, about 4cm in 4cm cycle.
1. The yarn feeder has no winding or too little yarn, and the yarn on the yarn feeding wheel is not clean and clean;
2, the inverted yarn is mixed with the yarn that has not been inverted, and the cotton yarn is mixed with the re-flux and the yarn is mixed.
3, broken spandex, double yarn interrupted, lining spandex sequence error;
4. The fly jams, such as yarn feeders, yarn feeders, and hole belts, are severely blocked;
5, yarn channels are not smooth or biased too much;
6, the yarn supply clutch is not in place;
7. The yarn feeder belt is not put in place after yarn receiving;
8. The threading sequence does not meet the process requirements;
9, with the wrong yarn, different manufacturers with different batch number mixed;
10, different twists and turns to the number of different monofilaments and other raw materials.

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