Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of LED display chip manufacturers at home and abroad

LED display requires high stability of the chip, and the quality of the chip will directly determine the quality and life of the terminal display product. The following HC LED screen Xiaobian will bring you well-known LED display chip manufacturers at home and abroad, tell you which LED display chip is better? What are the high-quality LED display chip companies?

LED display chip which is good dry photo photoelectric

Dry Photoelectric is mainly based on high-brightness quaternary red and yellow LED epitaxial chips. The products are mainly used in backlight, night scene engineering, traffic lights, electronic equipment, display screens, automotive lighting and other fields. At present, the fastest-growing full-color display in the display industry requires the use of red, blue and green chips. Manufacturers are more willing to choose chip companies with full-color products, and dry photos are disadvantaged in the market due to the lack of blue-green chips. Status.

LED display chip which is a good Shilan Mingxin

High brightness, good chroma consistency, professional optical design, can make the display achieve a perfect white balance effect;

Strong anti-humidity performance: no temperature or optical problems after temperature -25 ° C - 55 ° C, humidity 10% - 95% RH 6 cycles (about 144 hours);

The viewing angle of R/G/B illumination is consistent, and the dispersion of viewing angles of the three color products is small;

Strong anti-ESD performance: green and blue wafer ESD can reach more than 500V, red can reach more than 1000V. Far more than the anti-static ability of ordinary wafers (normal blue-green chips can only reach about 250V);

Strong resistance to harsh environments: 100 cycles of cyclic shock in the standard -40 ° C - 100 ° C laboratory environment, no electricity problems;

Good solderability: This product is soldered when applied to reflow soldering or manual soldering;

IV low attenuation: R/G/B brightness attenuation is less than 10% at room temperature aging, and the consistency is good after attenuation;

The price is reasonable and the cost performance is extremely high, which is an ideal choice for display users.

Silan Mingxin entered the LED chip manufacturing industry earlier in the mainland. It was established in 2004 and is located in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Thanks to its integrated circuit production and quality management experience, Silan Mingxin is on the LED display. The screen chip business occupies more than 50% of the business. In terms of industrial chain layout, Silan Mingxin focuses on the production of LED chips. Because of the high quality requirements for LED packaging used in LED displays, Silan Mingxin established the packaging subsidiary Meikale in July 2009. The main business is also Production of LED packaging components for display. Silan Mingxin and Meikale are currently mainly supplying LED display companies in mainland China. In the second half of 2011, they entered the international LED display manufacturer supply chain.

LED display chip which is good Taiwan Guanglei

Taiwan's Guanglei's red-light LED chip is the first choice for many display companies, while Taiwan's Jingyuan also supplies red LED chips and a small number of blue-green LED chips. Generally, the chip red tube of Guanglei is the most widely used in full-color LED display, the red tube brightness is above 650mcd, and the wavelength is 622-627.

Founded in December 1972, Guanglei Technology is one of the world's leading suppliers of optoelectronic semiconductor components. The experience and technical strength accumulated over the past decades has established the most innovative production process. Ensuring first-class product quality and fast delivery capabilities also builds deep customer trust. LED large-scale display screen and obtained 17 years of US patents, the company's stock was also listed and traded in 84 years, the prospects are promising. The products mainly include light-emitting components, such as light-emitting diodes; sensing components, such as light-detecting diodes; and system products, including large-scale display screens of light-emitting diodes, optical far-field distribution testers, and the like.

LED display chip which is good Sanan Optoelectronics

As a well-known enterprise in the domestic optoelectronic industry, Sanan Optoelectronics has always been the industry leader in strategic emerging industries. However, because of the gap in technology and quality, Sanan has only entered the procurement chain of domestic packaging factories, and can only be applied to the LED display and indicator fields where the low-end lighting and performance indicators are relatively low.

LED display chip which is good Shanghai Blu-ray

Shanghai Blu-ray Technology Co., Ltd. is a second-tier subsidiary of Rainbow Group. Established in April 2000, it is the first company in China to engage in GaN-based LED epitaxial wafers, chip development and industrial production, with a registered capital of 275 million yuan. The main products are: GaN-based high-brightness blue, green epitaxial wafers and chips.

LED display chip which is good Huacan photoelectric

The main products of Wuhan Huacan Optoelectronics are GaN-based high-brightness blue and green LED chips, which have occupied a large market share in the field of LED display chips. Huacan Optoelectronics is committed to continuously improve the technical level to meet the needs of different market segments. Huacan has five years of experience in the production of display chip technology. The good stability and consistency of the chip is Huacan's market position in the display market. Foundation. In order to meet the high-density demand in the display field, Huacan will use high-density display chip products as the main direction of 2013, from the epitaxial structure of the chip, chip technology, and the ic chip of the display, PCB design and other peripheral system technologies. Start with a goal to create a display chip with higher luminous efficiency, less heat generation, better reliability and better consistency.

LED display chip which is good American cree

The core of American Corey adopts Sic as the substrate material. The main technical approach is to reduce the internal reflection rate of light and improve the light extraction efficiency by changing the cross-sectional shape, thickness and light-emitting direction of the chip. Its characteristics are as follows:

Low brightness, maximum brightness and minimum brightness of the die is 1:1.2;

Stable performance, high reliability, long life and strong antistatic ability;

High dispersion, poor color uniformity, and consistency compared to the previous two chips;

The price is slightly expensive and the price is low.

LED display chip which is good Japan Nichia

Japan Nichia's die process technology uses epitaxial wafers grown on a sapphire substrate, using RH metal-based microstructures and mesh transparent conductive film technology. Its characteristics are as follows:

Large viewing angle, long life, good stability and fast response;

High brightness, bright color and good antistatic effect;

The dispersion is large, the maximum brightness and minimum ratio of the die are 1:1.4, and the illumination uniformity is general;

The price is expensive, the high-grade material selection for the LED display die, and the ordering period is long.

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