Ama carita advocates healthy and environmentally friendly low-carbon lifestyle

Amacarita love the brand from Italy, designed by the Italian designer, tailor-made for Asian women with a unique new design, simple and smooth lines, exquisite chic cuttings, elegant and luxurious style and fine fabrics into Central Asian culture The essence of modern women's interpretation of the interpretation of the visual gives the visual magnificent visual shock.


Amacarita adheres to the concept of a healthy and environmentally friendly low-carbon lifestyle, elegant and natural lifestyle, graceful, understated, understated and understated European style.

Ama carita崇尚健康而环保的低碳的生活理念

Amacarita brand positioning as high-income urban white-collar workers, the pursuit of high quality of life in cities, cities and successful women's clothing better interpret their confident and optimistic attitude toward life, good cultural accomplishment and taste.


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